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Bulldog and baby — does it get any cuter?

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Bulldog and baby - does it get any

Absolutely not. Is your little Georgia baby all dressed and ready for the game. Red and black and Dawgs from head-to-toe? Good job. Well let’s don’t stop there. You know that baby is gonna be snacking through all four quarters (just like the rest of us). Sticky fingers, dropped sippy cups, all the things that scream for those dribble bibs for babies and toddlers. They are a must. However, your littlest UGA fan need not clutter their game day outfit with a baby bib that does not conform. Mimi’s got a little something that will keep them mess-free and ready for social media. Look here…

Combining the softest flannel and the cutest little Baby Hairy Dog, Mimi stitches the baby bib no die-hard University of Georgia Bulldog could resist. And speaking of resistance, as in “piece of resistance”, here’s a special feature every new mama will find indispensable. Mimi sews a waterproof inner lining into each and every one of her cute newborn bibs. Whatever that little sweet pea is having at feeding time, it will not drip or spill through the bib onto the clothing underneath. Add to that a quick and easy snap at the neck for closure, and baby is ready for whatever is on the menu. Right now.

Each of these unique baby bibs is handmade by Mimi. You can’t get them anywhere else. Baby Hairy Dog is appliqued and embroidered firmly in place on a comfy top layer of red and black and gray and white plaid whisper-soft flannel. The waterproof inner lining and comfortable bottom layer are attached with adorable black stitching all the way around. These can be washed warm in the gentle cycle (like all baby things) and tumbled dry on LOW heat – Baby Hairy Dog requests that.

  • Soft Flannel Fabric

  • Snap Closure At Neck

  • Waterproof Inner Lining

  • Heirloom Quality

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