Boutique Bow – LSU Tigers – Gold Flannel


The best hair bows for the cutest tigers.

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The best hair bows for the tigers.

Purple isn’t the only color here – gold is important, too. Remember, gold stands for excellence. And it has since 1893. Anyway, your little Tiger is probably covered head to toe in purple already (by the way, did you know that purple is for passion?). A gold hair bow is exactly what her game day outfit needs. And if she is still a toddler, she’s gonna want something as pretty as the big girls have. After all, she’s a princess. And royalty cannot be denied.

I’m sure you know it is illegal for a princess to leave her castle without her crown. And around here, that cute little bow is nothing short of your little diva’s tiara. Don’t embarrass the family name or get the whispers started by attending a game or watch party without the proper attire for her standing. You were raised better than that. But I digress. Now, the soft flannel of these nice hair bows is so much more comfortable for the younger fans and the lower profile doesn’t overwhelm her gorgeous face. Don’t misunderstand, these pretty boutique bows are still a stand-out at five inches wide, but just a little more sophisticated than the typical cheer bow. That baby girl will be envied. All handmade and embroidered exclusively by Mimi, you won’t find these anywhere else.

This is one of the best hair bows available with a 2 ½ ” alligator clip for a secure grip that can work as a barrette, on a ponytail or attached to an infant headband. The soft flannel bow is made of 2” wide gold fabric finishing out at 5” wide total. That adorable little purple Tiger paw print is embroidered in place for a perfect touch.

  • Soft Flannel Fabric

  • Alligator Clip

  • Embroidered Tiger Paw Print

  • Measures 5″ x 2″

  • Heirloom Quality

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 5 x 2.25 x 1 in


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