Boutique Bow – Tennessee Volunteers – Orange Grosgrain Ribbon


BIG ORANGE cute cheerleading bows.

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BIG ORANGE cheerleading bows.

Football cheer bows are a must-have. Let’s face it. Every mamma knows her baby girl is not fit to leave the house if there is not a boutique bow on her head. It’s a disgrace to the family name. People will talk. We won’t even get started on where Grandma stands on the issue. And my goodness, on gameday it’s the law! At a Tennessee Vols tailgater or watch party, a plain ordinary ribbon ain’t gonna cut it. That’s like saying Smokey is just a dog. He’s a coonhound, by golly, there IS a difference! And there is a world of difference in a little girls hair bow. Make sure your bundle of gorgeous has the best. Her status in the family demands it and her fans expect it. She’s your princess afterall…

And a princess is royalty. All royalty is expected to wear a crown. Well around here, cute and over the top hair bows are equivalent to a tiara. And mandatory. Have you ever seen a bigger smile or a prouder walk than that of a daddy following his little sweetheart with a stunning bow in her hair? Of course not. Now pay attention. The girls hair bows and headbands at Mimis Favorite are just what your princess is longing for. Made with a crisp Tennessee orange grosgrain ribbon, they are ready to clip at a moment’s notice. All handmade and embroidered exclusively by Mimi, you won’t find these anywhere else.

This is one of the best hair bows available with a 2 ½ ” alligator clip for a secure grip that can work as a barrette, on a ponytail or attached to an infant headband. The cheer style boutique bow is made of 1 ½ ” wide Tennessee orange grosgrain ribbon and is approximately 4” wide. That adorable little white hound’s paw print is embroidered in place for a perfect touch.

  • 1.5″ Tennessee Orange Grosgrain Ribbon

  • Attached to a 2.5″ Alligator Clip

  • Embroidered White Paw Print

  • 4″ wide

  • Heirloom Quality

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 7 x 3.5 x .5 in


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