Baby Burp Cloth – Tennessee Volunteers Polka Dot


A Tennessee Volunteers solution to those burps and dribbles.


A Tennessee Volunteers solution to those

Everyone knows a princess doesn’t really do those things. Spit-up, drool, and you know, well, anyway. Sometimes things just happen. Unannounced. And not at all her fault. But you can be prepared. And for goodness’ sake, even a burp cloth should rise to her standards. She deserves the best. She’s royalty after all. Are you really gonna grab that value bundle at the dollar store? Not for gameday!! Your mama taught you better than that. Look, she’s got her Volunteers game day gear on, her hair bow is in place, and she needs some big orange and Smokey. Her admirers expect it. Now, look here…

Mimi makes her curved burp cloths out of whisper-soft flannel so that sweet angel’s face stays comfy and relaxed during burp time. The unique shape makes for a great fit around the shoulder and helps it stay securely in place. And speaking of shoulder, there’s an additional fabric layer underneath, so whoever is lucky enough to be holding that new little bundle will be comfortable, too. But the “piece of resistance”, the essential piece of these lap and burp pads is the inner waterproof layer. That’s right. Whatever drips, dribbles, or spews it will not come through that burp cloth onto your dry shoulder. Ever. Baby stays dry. You stay dry. Everybody stays happy.

You won’t find these cool burp cloths anywhere else. Each one is handmade by Mimi. The top layer is Tennessee orange and white polka-dot flannel fabric with Baby Smokey appliqued and embroidered firmly in place. The inner lining and bottom layer are attached with adorable white stitching all the way around. These can be washed warm in the gentle cycle (like all baby things) and tumbled dry on LOW heat – Baby Smokey requests that.

  • Curved Shoulder Design

  • Waterproof Inner Lining

  • Soft Flannel Fabric

  • Heirloom Quality

  • Tissue & Ribbon Gift Wrap Included

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 10.75 × 8.5 × .125 in


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