Boutique Bow – Auburn Tigers – Orange Grosgrain Ribbon


This is the hair bow your Aubie fan needs.

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is the hair bow your Aubie fan needs.

Every little girl’s outfit needs a cute boutique bow to finish it off. There’s just no denying it. If she’s lucky enough to be wearing her Auburn University cheer uniform, she’s GOT to have the matching paw print bow. It’s the law. Just a plain navy blue or orange bow will not do. It doesn’t look “official”. When she’s in her gameday cheerleading suit – she’s a real cheerleader. And, “NO,” that little dab of facepainting on her cheek of a cat’s foot won’t cut it. For goodness’ sake, there are going to be photos! And a lot of them…(facebook, instagram, shall I go on?)

A princess is royalty. All royalty is expected to wear a crown. Well around here, cute and over the top hair bows are equivalent to a tiara. And mandatory. Have you ever seen a bigger smile or a prouder walk than that of a daddy following his little sweetheart with a stunning bow in her hair?  Of course not. Now pay attention. The girls hair bows and headbands at Mimis Favorite are just what your princess is longing for. Made with crisp Auburn orange grosgrain ribbon, they are ready to clip at a moment’s notice. All handmade and embroidered exclusively by Mimi, you won’t find these anywhere else.

This is one of the best hair bows available with a 2 ½ ” alligator clip for a secure grip that can work as a barrette, on a ponytail or attached to an infant headband. The cheer style boutique bow is made of 1 ½ ” wide Auburn orange grosgrain ribbon and is approximately 4” wide. That adorable little navy blue Tiger’s paw print is embroidered in place for a perfect touch.

  • 1.5″ Auburn Orange Grosgrain Ribbon

  • Attached to a 2.5″ Alligator Clip

  • Embroidered Navy Blue Paw Print

  • 4″ wide

  • Heirloom Quality

  • Tissue & Ribbon Gift Wrap Included

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 7 × 3.5 × .5 in


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